Thursday 2nd March, 2023

Buzzed: Lambeth Labour budget passed at the Town Hall as LibDems and Greens alternatives dismissed by the Labour Nod Squad

“The Lambeth Labour budget was passed unanimously at the March Full Council meeting at the Town Hall on Wednesday evening.

While the ruling Lambeth Labour party presented its budget, the LibDems and the Greens also offered their alternative plans.”

Cat sick greeted me on the kitchen floor first thing on Thursday morning as I scrambled around with the first cup of the tea of the day.


I’ve not had this experience for a while. I’m not sure who was responsible. I have many skills, but cat sick forensics is not one of them.

I suspect it was Dotty. Daisy was with me pretty much all night at the foot of the bed. Dotty is a one.

The heating then went on. Sorry, it was BRUTAL early morning in the bloody Estuary Wilds.

I had some more Julie London to gently ease me into the morning work. £3 for a triple CD is proving to be the best £3 that I have ever spent. Julie sent me to bed last night, and I woke up with her again this morning.


Album of the Day: Soft Cell – Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret

The sleaziness of Non Stop lures you, right from the front cover and into the opening cracking of the whip on Frustration. This was one of the first records I bought back in 1981. I thought at the time that Marc was holding a bag of chips in the brown paper bag. Some childhood innocence was soon overcome when I heard Sex Dwarf. It’s a cold album in terms of the beats and lyrics. But also SO warm and genuinely sung from the heart. I could still play this and the sister Ecstatic Dancing every week. Say Hello is up their with the classic torch singer songs.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

A bit more Buzzed: Lambeth starts fresh consultation with residents on six ‘regeneration’ estates after Kerslake put Homes for Lambeth out of its misery

“Lambeth Council has launched a public consultation on how to work with with residents of six housing estates it wants to ‘regenerate.’

The move is being presented as a “fresh start” by the Council. It aims to improve communication and consultation with residents.”

Meanwhile, back in Sunny Colch:

BLOGGED: Council Facing Overspend of £689k with Staff Costs High

“Colchester City Council is facing a battle to balance its books, according to the Financial Monitoring Report ahead of the Governance and Audit Committee Meeting ahead of the meeting on 7th March.”

Fuck it. I don’t know why, but The Chronic has been brought back from the dead. Again.

No one else is doing this. I don’t think anyone else is really interested or can be arsed tbh. I can, for now.

As for the medium, long term? Probably not. I’ve been here many, many times before. It’s all about finding a balance between getting this shit out and enjoying your life.

Enjoying your life WINS every time. You’re unlikely to see me drag my arse over to the City Council Chamber for y’know, a proper live meeting anytime soon.

I fired up some Fats Domino on the CD player. You can’t help but smile to that voice, and that rhythm. I know little of Fats. I was surprised to find out that he passed as late as 2017.

Lunchtime led to a swim. It was bright and dry along the river as I cycled in. The walk from the changing room to the pool was once again spent dodging the Toe Jam Trail.


The pool was busy for lunchtime. I managed to find some space in the slow-ish lane, hoping that none of the oldies would rock up. I was undisturbed for my 40 lengths.

To Lidl!

LIVE the dream, JC.

The cost of living shit is, shit. We’re making the extended trip to the Sunny Colch Lidl mainly for the FUCK OFF bricks of cheapo cheddar. £4 a couple of weeks ago stacked up well against the hyper inflation of the Weird Wiv Coop.

But wait! What’s this?

£4.69 for slab of cheese in Lidl. That’s quite an inflation busting hike.

Elsewhere and: Lidl lenses ahoy! 🤓

I picked up a £2.99 pair of reading specs.

These glasses will not be worn out of the house.


The afternoon of podcast listening was rewarding. Garibaldi Red looked ahead to the Everton game at The World Famous City Ground this weekend. They need a win more than we do; but Forest are far from safe.

And then another Absolute Lee with Jason Lee. This is proving to be the best new podcast to emerge in the past few months. His guest was Fara Williams.

JL gives his guests the space and time to explore their thoughts. He’s not afraid to go against the usual mainstream media deference towards some big figures in the game.

My phone kept on ringing once again with unknown numbers, aka cheeky fuckers calling about the developer work I posted on a freelance site with the strict instructions of NO CALLS, emails only.

I’ve taken to answering the calls and staying silent, apart from using the toilet at the same time and then flushing it. I’m not getting any repeat calls.

The Premium Bonds Gods smiled at me late in the evening. That will see me through another month of charity shop CD bingeing.

Oh yeah – I’ve only really started to give Joe Henry a listen. I was aware of his work with Billy Bragg, but that’s about it. Very good.

Links for Thursday 2nd March, 2023

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