Wednesday 1st March, 2023

More Greater Anglia woes to begin Wednesday. Cancelling a ticket and then rebooking is more costly than writing off the original and rebooking.

Buch of crooks – purely in a linguistic sense, and not from an operational point of view, you understand.

It’s enough to make you want to bugger off back down to S Ldn for a month. Or more.

Bring it on.

I played the Kitty, Daisy and Lewis Superscope CD that arrived yesterday. I love those dudes. It’s great to see how they have developed from some rough yet talented Camden kids, to become very, very accomplished musicians and songwriters.

There’s even a glammy element to their latest album, but all still played through the prism of their rockabilly roots.


My phone kept on ringing all morning from unknown numbers.


I suspect yet more chancers wanting to pitch in for the developer work I advertised for yesterday – despite saying NO CALLS, emails only.

Album of the Day: Weather Report – Heavy Weather

More jazz, this time of the funk variety. It put me to sleep after the first couple of tracks. It was all a little too Kenny G for my liking. It livened up slightly with the Latin feel. Maybe I just wan’t in the mood for all that jazz.

⭐ ⭐

A quote arrived from an electrician for what should be some basic household work. I need a new mortgage to cover the quote.

Candles it is, then.

Some cheapo sausages were sourced from the Coop. These went straight in the freezer ahead of whenever I can be arsed to rustle up my sausage surprise. Clue: it involves mash and beans.


News of the Surrey Members’ events for the season ahead dropped. They seem to be scaled back a little this year – which is odd, especially during an Ashes summer.

Still, the AGM should be a decent piss up with the Peter May boys.

Oh – Dulwich sacked their manager. Again. I didn’t even get to see Barnes in action, given the crappiness of Greater Anglia and the stupid engineering works over the winter months.

I sold my (slightly) b0Rked Apple Keyboard. That will pay for the Italian keyboard, which is holding up rather well. I put it through a bit of a bashing earlier with a particularly heavy live work session.

I missed out by 20p on a pair of retro Forest shorts.

Life’s too short, etc.

Which doesn’t explain why I wasted a whole evening following the Lambeth Budget meeting back at the Town Hall. It’s the same every year: Labour hand wringing, the opposition being shouted down, and the Labour Nod Squad doing what they do best at the end.

Noddy, nod.

Oh yeah: Julie London *swoon*

What a way to end the day.

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