Monday 27th February, 2023

My watched pinged twice during the night: YOU’RE DEAD.

It wasn’t quite as fatalistic, but a heartbeat dropping below 40bpm is a little alarming. The watch pinging has the consequence of raising the ticker. Until the next ping.

I’ve been checked out at the hospital and not heard back. Don’t go breaking my heart, etc.

Buzzed: Lambeth scales back restoration project for Brockwell Hall with the winning tender coming in over budget

“The tender for the restoration works at Brockwell Hall has come in over budget, leading to parts of the project being scrapped.

The report, which summarises the results of the procurement process, reveals that the works would need to be scaled back to keep within budget. As a result, the Council has removed the stable block and landscaping from the project to stay within budget.”

Album of the Day: The Chemical Brothers – Exit Planet Dust

This wasn’t the thrill ride that it used to be back in the day. Disclaimer: I revisited this at 9am on a February morning in 2023, and not in a club whilst feeling tired and emotional. That probably explains the downgrading. It’s still decent with some great samples. But not a record to listen to at home alone.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I tried a new eBay snipe site. I keep on using up the credits on Gixen. I pre-loaded a cheeky snipe for a Rapha top. It was so cheeky that the new snipe site didn’t even get to click its online fingers.

I made a little more progress with the bass guitar throughout the morning. I could be away in S Ldn for the next month or so. Have bass, won’t travel. I need to get the practice in.

I’m ticking off all the basics: Seven Nation Army (easier than I thought) and Guns of Brixton (sounds a little dull without all the other clatter that goes along with it.)

Album of the Day Extra: The Stooges – Raw Power

This was more melodic than I was expecting. But it was still a bit of a bloody racket. I’ve never really bought into Iggy. Sorry. It’s too crude for my sensitive tastes. The man needs a good a good shirt and jumper.

⭐ ⭐

The Garibaldi Red Forest catch up was painful listening. “Painfully familiar Forest” summed up the events at the London Stadium on Saturday.

Oh yeah – I was bloody cold all day.

Links for Monday 27th February, 2023

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