Sunday 26th February, 2023

I couldn’t be arsed with the overnight Forest fall out. I gave Forest Twitter a swerve; I turned off the breakfast MOTD when attention turned to the London Stadium.


I headed out for a bicycle ride instead on the Raleigh electric.


It was good to get a wave from L and the Sunny Colch e-cargo crew as I passed through the Hythe. They put the hours in, even on a Sunday morning.

It was low water down by the Muddy Banks. I stopped to pose for a few pics. I disturbed the three lively dogs on one of the houseboats.

I cycled on towards Fingringhoe. I hit 42kmh heading downhill on the approach to the Whale Bone boozer. And that’s with a F-OFF motorbike lock in the pannier as well. Blimey.

There was loads of other cyclists out around the lanes as we approach the Spring Classic season. There was a decent peloton passing through Peldon in the opposite direction.

Some TWAT drove right through the middle of the road, trying to intimidate me and another cycling passing in the opposite direction. Some car drivers are little shits.

More pleasing was seeing a couple of pheasants darting around in a hedgerow. There was also the delightful sight of some very gracious horses going through a canter in a nearby field.

I stopped off at the pool for a swim and a clean up on the way back. It was wonderfully quiet. I’m off my pace by about 40 seconds for the 40 lengths.

I stuck around to arse about in the spa for the first time post tattoo. Predictably I fell asleep.

Back at base and a bit of gardening took place. There was an optimistic bee buzzing around the elephant feet plants in rather cold conditions. I clocked the first tulip of the season starting to sprout up in the garden.

Buzzed: Lambeth proposes changes to the Ferndale Low Traffic Neighbourhood in attempt to reduce traffic towards the west

“The Ferndale Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) in Lambeth has been the subject of a report calling for additional traffic restrictions to be implemented. The aim of the report is to reduce road danger and provide safer walking, wheeling, scooting, and cycling options.”

The League Cup Final (ALWAYS the League Cup Final) was decent. I also greatly enjoyed Paul Robinson’s colour commentary on 5Live for the earlier Spuz match.

I managed to streamline the workflow for school publishing early evening. This is quite significant. I’ve been looking for ways to do this for a number of years now. It’s all about letting things go and not trying to achieve perfection all the time.

Hint: you won’t.

Like a FOOL I got sucked into the Tommy Fury circus late in the evening.

POW. Right in the kisser.