Friday 24th February, 2023

Buzzed: 40% increase in Lambeth Council staff earning £50k or more with Chief Exec given new powers to recruit ‘hard to fill’ vacancies

“Lambeth Council has been caught with its hand in the cookie jar yet again as it’s been revealed that there’s been a massive increase in the number of staff earning over £50,000.

This news comes as Full Council prepares to rubber stamp the Pay Policy Statement at the next meeting on 1st March at the Town Hall.”

A school day in SE21.

“You look smart.”

“You look funky.”

I was going for the dress down Friday look. I was more concerned about not getting my new Whitechapel High Street waistcoat plastered in paint in the art studio tbh.

The morning highlight was some indoor curling with the charming sixth formers. I’m supposed to be there to capture the moment. I never can resist a power blast of one of the stones with the winning shot.

I was invited to an afternoon Pancake Race party held by a couple of primary classes. It morphed into a Hokey Cockey mash up. It really was the best way to spend a Friday afternoon.

I was given an important diary event reminder: World Book Day on 17th March. It’s the WORST school day in the calendar. It looks like I have dodged the fancy dress bullet for yet another year.

School chucking out came and I was summoned back to the bloody Estuary Wilds after a week of Transpontine fun.

I passed the most amazing people carrier around the backstreets of Herne Hill. It was a carriage that held half a dozen kids, and was being wheeled along by a lone female. There must have been some other form of propulsion taking place. It was quite spectacular.

Less regal was the train out of LS. A couple of yoofs sat in the seats next to me, vaping, drinking and mistaking the seats opposite as shoe cleaners. I was too tired to give a shit and make a polite suggestion.

I passed A somewhere outside of Sunny Colch heading in the opposite direction back down to Sunny Stockwell.

Oh how the other half live.