Wednesday 22nd February, 2023

I sold a used ticket for a Chumbawamba gig at L******er University back in 1993 before I had made the first cup of tea of the day. Which was a little random. The modern interweb is very odd.

News dropped of Weller supporting Blur at Wembley Stadium this summer. Blimey. It’s like Live Aid ’85 all over again.

The Wembley show clashes with BRUUUCE at Hyde Park. I’m not sure which one I’m going to take a punt on. It depends on the cheapest tickets I can snaffle up.

The Italian keyboard is working out well for work.


I showed no fear in putting it through its paces as the word count for the day went up on a high trajectory.

Buzzed: Lambeth finally investing in Brixton Rec with £1m+ spend as the Council prepares to take the leisure contract back in house

“Brixton Recreation Centre is finally getting a much-needed facelift. Lengard Ltd has been awarded the contract for construction works worth £1,467,151.”

Album of the Day: Public Enemy – It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back

This is relentless. It doesn’t pause for a breath from start to finish. I bloody love it. I tried to listen whilst working. This didn’t work. I had to save it whilst out on a walk. My pace picked up and I was walking with a purpose. This probably wasn’t the stated aim of Chuck and pals whilst making the record. Hip Hop Hikers is a thing. (And yes, I accept that this album wasn’t made for me, but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying, if not quite feeling the message and the importance to the black community. Especially so in 2023.)

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I had an hour free over luncheon for a photo walk and charity shop trawl. I knew the exact route to take to maximise my photo opportunities en route to the Wandsworth Road MIND shop.

I headed out around the back of lovely Larkhall Park, and then cut down towards Battersea along Union Road. The daffs were out on the estates. They added some much needed colour to an otherwise overcast day.

It looked like someone had completed an Indie drop off at the MIND shop. Kasabian, Elbow, Turin Brakes – all your Indie Light Shite was there for the taking. I settled on a Saint Etienne CD for £1 instead.

full flickr

I spent a little too long on publishing some fiddly school policies. I added a funky plugin to jazz up the design of the policy section across a couple of sites. It looks cool, but it’s crappy to update. Function and form over appearance every time.

The ZTT dance remix album appeared in the daily eBay mail out. I like the concept of it, but not the end product. The original ZTT remixes are terrific. Grace Jones even had an entire album themed around Slave to the Rhythm.

I gave it a spin online. URGH. It was like walking around Camden Market in 1991 with horrid techno BEATS ruining some quite lovely songs.

Hugh Cornwall’s latest solo effort was far more rewarding. When I Was a Young Man is a return to the angry young man as he heads into his seventh decade.

It got a little weird late afternoon. Back in the bloody Estuary Wilds and the door company called. Your new door is fucked.


The workmen were unhappy with the installation yesterday, apparently. It’s a shame they didn’t feel the need to tell us at the time. Instead they told the boss back at base, unsure if he would agree to a new door being manufactured.

He did.

This leaves me feeling very uneasy. What if the boss man decided to leave it be?

It’s only a ten week turnaround waiting for the new new front door.

I lost out in a bidding war for a Baader Meinhof CD.

“Dare to struggle; dare to win!”

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