Monday 20th February, 2023

The Postman Delivers: Uncle Joe’s Global a Go-Go. Goodo. You have to wonder what Strummer would be up to in 2023, if he was still with us. Probably still kicking against the pricks.

Buzzed: Lambeth set to increase Council Tax by 2.99% with Brexit, War in Ukraine and crap politicians in Westminster all to blame

“The only item on the agenda for Lambeth Council’s Cabinet meeting this evening is the revenue and budget setting for the next year. The Cabinet papers are a staggering 300 pages long. Good luck trying to make sense of it all.”

tl;dr Council Tax is increasing by 2.99%.

Album of the day: Elvis – From Elvis In Memphis

There’s still a lot of churn on this album. It’s an improvement on the lame film soundtracks, but hardly the future of rock ‘n’ roll. It’s the voice as ever that pulls it off. There’s some great harmonies with both the make and female backing singers. In the Ghetto is a great heartbreaker song. But I wanted something a little more dangerous before Elvis heads to the hotel circuit and death on the shitter.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I buggered off back down to S Ldn for another Sunny Stockwell holiday by mistake. I’ve got an awful lot of holiday time to use up between now and the end of March. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than a Transpontine half city break.

There was some workmen type activity in the Weird Wiv train station car park. Good. It’s been a bloody dump ever since we first moved in thirteen years ago. It doesn’t look like demolition of the old engine shed is taking place. The delivery of building materials in the car park suggests the opposite.

I had a brief scroll through Insta as the train pulled out. Ah looky over here: a Weller and Suggs drop for Record Store Day in April. The brief clip sounds a lot like The Style Council meets Madness. Stating the BLOODY OBVIOUS, Jase.

I also listened to a triumphant Garibaldi Red podcast following the draw that was a actually a win at The World Famous City Ground on Saturday. Fletch went on a magnificent rant, calling out Forest fans who diss the homegrown talent.

A quick cycle down from LS, and soon I was south of the river. The final preparations were taking place for the shitty pimping out of Kennington Park for a crappy fashion brand later this evening.

Work also looks to have progressed on the old Oval Theatre site. Surrey are keen to get the new hotel up and running ahead of The Ashes this summer.

A bit more Buzzed: Lambeth Lib Dems call on Labour Group to fund Bleed Kits as figures show rise in violent crime in the borough

“Knife crime in Lambeth reached a shocking new high in 2022, with 733 recorded offences, according to the Met Police’s Crime Dashboard. This is an increase of 28 percent on 2021 and more than double the London average.”

My S Ldn holiday by mistake was ripe for a bicycle ride. I pumped up the air in the BTWIN, and then set a course for Crystal Palace in the Beeline Velo 2.


The BTWIN is currently my fave ride. It’s ships for half the price of a budget Brompton, yet rides like a King.

The route took me around the back streets of Camberwell, and then through Ruskin Park which was a pleasant surprise.

There was a downhill freewheel along a cycle path that joins you up with Dulwich Village. I heard a clattering coming from the back wheel.

Oh dear.

I stopped to investigate. Everything seemed fine. The rear light was still attached and all my spokes were in place. I then saw a clip on reflector lying at the side of the path. Phew. That’s all it was.

The path threw me out along College Road. I’m not paying no road toll – especially so to an elitist college that perpetuates the class system.

I cycled around the barrier.

THERE. That stuck it to The Man.

*It was free to ride through for cyclists, natch*

Then it was all about the climb. Crystal Place is a right pain in the arse to reach the summit. We use to ride this route every Saturday evening on route for the basketball. Age doesn’t make it any easier.

I was reminded of the first (and last) ride of the Colne Valley Mini Wheelers Bicycle Club. I led a ride up the hills of S Ldn. I wasn’t factoring in the CRAZY descent by some of the younger members down a hairpin bend on a Raleigh 20 held together by gaffer tape.

The view from the top of the big hill was stunning. I peered over towards Primrose Hill and the very location I stood at only a fortnight ago.

A brief charity shop CD trawl followed. The CP Triangle looked like it has seen better days. There was little to be had on the CD front. I came out with some Fats, The Coral and Foo Fighters, all for £1.

I dropped in at West Norwood Cemetery whilst I was in the neighbourhood. I’ve not been here in years. It’s a strange mixture of grandiose and sorrow. I was shocked to see so many fresh childhood and baby graves.

full flickr

The light was fading and so I pressed on for Sunny Stockwell. Brockwell Park looked a BEAUT will the hills lit up by the fading sun.

I timed it all wrong for a Lidhell session. The after work millennial crowd had descended. I cut short my shop and bought only the essentials.

Back in the bloody Estuary Wilds and the builders have suggested a start date: next week. That’s not happening.

A is away snowboarding. I need to be on cat duty. My OCD would send me into meltdown if I had to be around whilst building work is taking place.

This could be an extended S Ldn holiday by mistake.