Saturday 18th February, 2023

Saturday started with Dotty keeping guard over my crates of reggae 12″s. I don’t think she was about to to drop some Eek-A-Mouse. But then again.

A poor mouse was tucked away in the corner of the room by the reggae 12″s. Dotty had been on guard all night.

Buzzed: Lambeth Council starts the painful process of breaking up the failed Homes for Lambeth with the removal of the Reserved Funds clause

“In a move that can only be described as a desperate attempt to clean up its abysmal record, Homes for Lambeth wants to remove the Reserved Funds clause from its lease agreements for homeowners on the six ‘regeneration’ estates.

This clause had allowed the council-owned company to collect money from lessees to establish a sinking fund for the block in which the lessee’s home is located.”

I had a few issues bashing out the above on the Italian keyboard. It’s fine with most characters. Some of the more fiddly symbols and signs are hidden away.

To Sunny Colch! To buy a bass guitar!

And so #jasethebass was born.

But first a BASTARD Greater Anglia ticket inspector at 8:30am. I bought my ticket using my Club 50 card discount. The BASTARD Greater Anglia ticket inspector demanded to see the card. Fair enough. It was a reasonable request. But stop jabbing your finger at me at 8:30am, pal.

I had a digital version. My hard copy was back home. The BASTARD Greater Anglia ticket inspector wasn’t having it. He claimed I needed the hard copy and not the temporary card to travel. He threatened to take me to the office at Colchester Town. Good luck with that, fella.

We were talking about a discount of 20p.


I think he got bored with my arguing and gave up. Cheers, BASTARD Greater Anglia ticket inspector.

I walked past Firstsite and noticed there was a record fair on a little later. Time was a little tight, and so is my wallet of late. I had to give it a miss.

Buying a bass guitar was piss easy. I knew which model and amp I wanted. The deal was done in under fifteen minutes. But not before I got to ask some dumb ass questions.

I had a little time to spare ahead of the return train journey. I did a brief charity shop trawl. One shop had a run of North Face jackets and fleeces. They were all XXXL size and not in the best of conditions.

A quick CD shelf shifty had limited returns. I was tempted by a Pasty Cline Best Of for 50p. But Crazy wasn’t in the running order. How the chuff can a Patsy Cline Best Of claim to be a Best Of with no Crazy?

A complete left field choice was the Goldrush CD. Blimey. That’s not what you expect to see tucked away in-between Robbie Williams and the Best of the Bee Gees.

I remember seeing Goldrush at some showcase event in a long since forgotten club around Tottenham Court Road. Crossrail killed off the basement venue. Goldrush never really got the credit they deserved.

I’ll have that for 50p, thank you very much.

The minimum payment for a card was £1. I went back and bought Patsy.

Crazy, I know.

It got a little embarrassing in the next charity shop. I was lugging around a FUCK OFF bass guitar and amp. In walked F, probably the most connected and most liked local musician back in Weird Wiv.

I was rumbled. Oh dear.

Another Greater Anglia ticket inspector approached me for the return journey. Oh dear. Here we go.

He was actually very polite and efficient. Not all Greater Anglia ticket inspectors are BASTARDS.

A bit more Buzzed: Consultation events planned for ‘Brixton Rec Quarter’ as Lambeth plans what to do next with the loss making Pop Brixton site

“Want to know more about the changes happening around the ‘Brixton Rec Quarter?’ We’d suggest a name change for a start…

Development partner London Square and Lambeth Council have been cooking up some proposals to develop both the loss-making Pop Brixton site and International House.”

I sent out some more offers on the various eBay odds and sods I’m trying to offload. The giant cactus gets the watchers, but not the bids. Ditto for the Frank Sidebottom cassette.

A and I cycled off for a lunchtime swim. There was optimism with the first wearing of the fingerless gloves this year. The Trail was busy with weekend walkers.

It’s been a while since I’ve swam alongside A. She pushed me so that I was able to duck under seventeen minutes once again for the forty lengths.

Attention turned to Forest. It was great to hear Sir Des being a match day guest and being interviewed pre-match on BBC Nottingham.

To the Sports Arena! There was a triple header for Essex Rebels. The Men’s Div 3, Women and Men’s Div 1 all had home court games.

We caught the final two quarters of the Div 3 Men. They had a comfortable 92-72 win against a young looking Bury team.

I disappeared for a walk around Wivenhoe Park whilst waiting for the Women to tip off. It wasn’t to do with wanting to see all the nature shit; it was impossible to listen to the Forest commentary in my AirPods with all the basketball game music being pumped out.

Campus has become a mini town in itself, The stretch from the Sports Arena to the Knowledge Gateway (URGH) it quite a drag.

The Women had their predictable collapse after the first quarter; somehow they pulled this back in the fourth and actually led going into the final minute. A determined Newcastle team managed the countdown clock well and left the court with a 98-97 win.

All energy in the crowd has disappeared when the Div 1 Men took to the court. The Women’s defeat was punishing.

A and I were absent from the big screen for once. We think we’ve found a blind spot where the cameras can’t find us.

The Div 1 Men played a competitive game against Newcastle, but also ended up with a home court defeat.

Saturday ended with Dotty flushing out the mouse that had been hiding in the reggae 12″s all day. We let her take it outside, and then carried her back in. We grounded her for half an hour, giving the mouse the opportunity to escape.

A busy old day.

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