Wednesday 15th February, 2023

EIGHT pings on my Apple Watch, EIGHT eBay notifications: Your order(s) have been despatched. That will be EIGHT CD’s heading my way.


I got a little carried away with Music Magpie last night. It still works out at £12 for the run of eight. Back in the day and the music industry thought nothing of ripping me off £12 for a shitty Oasis CD.

POW Music industry. Right in the kisser.

The Sunny Stockwell broadband provider mailed. Guess what? Prices are going up. Who saw that one coming? Absolutely everyone.

Buzzed: Dulwich and West Norwood Labour Party members fearful of right wing takeover with ‘undemocratic’ plans to merge with Thurlow Park

“Brixton Buzz has learned that a meeting of the Dulwich and West Norwood Constituency Labour Party (DaWN CLP) will take place on Thursday to decide on a new structure for the local branches.

The decision has been met with concern and suspicion from some members of the Gipsy Hill branch. It has historically been left-wing and supported a range of progressive causes.”

A bit more Buzzed: Lambeth Council found guilty of ‘severe maladministration’ by the Housing Ombudsman and ordered to apologise and compensate residents

“Lambeth Council has been found guilty of five cases of severe maladministration by the Housing Ombudsman. In three separate cases, residents were left without essential repairs, heating, and hot water for significant periods during the winter months. These had a severe impact on their health and well-being.”

We headed out to a sun-kissed Table of Dreams for a lunchtime wiff waff session. This was the highlight of the day.

But wait! Where the chuff are my magic wiff waff gloves?

There aren’t actually any magic wiff waff gloves; they’re running gloves that are light enough to still be able to grip the table tennis bat ahead of another defeat.

I rarely lose things. I backtracked. I wore them yesterday down at The Table of Dreams. I then headed to the Coop and cleared them out of reduced price naan bread. I bought so much that I had to stuff it in my coat pockets.

…which is where my magic table tennis gloves usually go. Ah. Problem solved.

A quick return trip to the Coop and the nice man behind the perspex had my magic gloves waiting for me. But no reduced price naan bread.


I had arranged to meet A at The Table of Dreams. I approached hesitantly after seeing her standing there on her own practising her stupid golf swing.


It was a wind assisted game. That didn’t affect the result – another 6-0 SPANKING which I was on the wrong end of.

Oh dear.

Blimey. I’ve been Buzzing a lot today: Five more years for Streatham Business Improvement District with 79% of votes cast in favour of keeping the local business tax

“InStreatham Business Improvement District (BID) has been renewed for a further five years following a successful ballot.

The BID, which covers Streatham High Road and Streatham Hill, was established in 2013 and is funded through a levy paid by local businesses.”

Album of the Day: David Bowie – Young Americans

There’s a freshness to this album that wasn’t on Diamond Dogs. It sounds modern and forward thinking, even in 2023. The change of location clearly worked. Bowie was such a sponge for soaking up whatever was around him at the time. The album sounds like a time lapse. It doesn’t appear to have a start, a middle or an ending. It carries you along without plodding. This would be five stars, but Fame has always dragged ever so slightly for me.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Wednesday is Veg Bag Day, It’s also Soup Day. A whipped up some more soup shit with all the leftover veg from the week before. I killed the taste with a sprinkling of mixed herbs.

Mixed herbs are the WD40 of the kitchen.

I finally got the Transpontine snaps from last week out on Buzz: A photo walk from #Stockwell towards #Camberwell and back through #Brixton: fancy buildings, abandoned bars and an ever changing Brixton

The builder type from yesterday got back to clarify his quote. All seems good. We’ve got another fella also quoting later in the week. I don’t like playing them off against each other, but everyone knows what the game is here.

It was a very quiet day on the personal email front. NOTHING was coming through. That’s very odd, I thought. I sent a test mail from a work account. It arrived within seconds. No one likes me today.

There was a decent run of early 2000’s indie CD’s lined up for the afternoon. I do miss Black Box Recorder and Hefner. The Day Thatcher Died gave me a late afternoon smile.

DING DONG the Witch is Dead indeed.


Links for Wednesday 15th February, 2023

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