Monday 13th February, 2023

A beautiful blue sky Estuary Wilds day. So much so that I was able to hang the washing out to dry first thing.

Phew. Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Album of the Day: Creedence Clearwater Revival – Cosmo’s Factory

There’s some tremendous riffs throughout on Cosmo’s Factory. That’s probably why it’s pretty much a Creedence singles album. You can hear where Dr Feelgood got their ideas from. It sounds like they had loads of fun recording this. The last great rock ‘n’ roll album? An extra star for featuring a man on a bicycle wearing what looks suspiciously like dungarees on the front cover.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Royal Mail agreed to refund the £1.50 extra postage I paid back in December for a package that hasn’t been delivered. I still haven’t got a clue what the chuff it is.

Cheers, Royal Mail.

Now bugger off and give your Posties a pay rise.

I listened to the first Snowcast podcast. Yer man Jon is a little late in riding the podcast shark. He saved himself with an excellent first guest in Jon Ronson.

Tell It Like It Is, etc.

The conversation covered Trump, Twitter meltdowns and culture wars.

It led me to think that Robert Elms should start a podcast away from the BBC. His show has been cut from six days a week to three. A podcast would give him space to develop ideas and interviews.

I cycled off along the Trail mid-morning heading for the pool. It was bloody GLORIOUS out there. I passed a young female out for a run down towards the Hythe. She was wearing running shoes, a running top and… a pair of PJ trousers.

I’ve missed the tattoo envy in the Essex gym. I clocked a geezer who I’m sure has been inked up by the same artist I’m using. I gave him a knowing nod as I showed off my sleeve. He blanked me.

Once again there was disgusting toe jam on the floor as you walk to the pool. It wasn’t quite as bad as the Shit Slick we saw in the boat yesterday. But seriously. Some people.

I had to hang around and wait for a lane to be free. I sat in the spa to pass the time. A rather large lady tried to get a little too friendly. A lane space was free and I was away.

To Sunny Colch! …after the swim. I had a free afternoon and a few things to tick off around the town / city.

I popped into the new vinyl / plant cafe for the first time. There was a time when being a record shop on its own was a sound business plan. It was well stocked. I’m not sure about £50 for a second hand copy of De La Soul’s debut though.

It was great to see Firstsite busy and bustling during half term week. The galleries were full of young parents with their kids. The recently opened BIG WOMEN exhibition perhaps ought to have had a few disclaimers.

Nah. Fuck it. It’s art, innit.

The Princess Julia paintings were a very welcome addition to the exhibition.

And then it was all about the bass. R persuaded me last weekend to buy a bass and an amp, and become a rock ‘n’ roll STAR. I thought the pawn shops of Sunny Colch might a slightly sad, but fruitful hunting ground.

How low can you go, etc?

Certainly not the £300 for the only bass that I could see on sale.

I turned instead to the lovely Dave Mann Music. To my surprise they were able to offer a beginner’s bass (that’s me) and an amp at a very decent price. I’m collecting them at the weekend.

#JasetheBass was born.

I didn’t want to hang around in the town / city. I had my MTB locked up along the High Street with only one lock. It was a relief to see it still there.

To The Table of Dreams! I cycled straight over to Weird Wiv for a knockabout with A. We had about half an hour of sunlight remaining in the day.

I started strong, racing to a 4-2 lead. I walked away in shame, losing 5-4.

Oh dear.

Wiff Waff does make people SMILE though. The commuting crowd passed through as we played. Everyone gave us a beaming smile, seeing the Table of Dreams being used.

I tried to look out for the positives in the BBC Nottingham round up of Forest action from over the weekend. There wasn’t a lot to celebrate.

A Forest blue Umbro European Cup Winners 1980 kit appeared in the eBay mails. I don’t remember this. I thought we were still wearing yellow as the away strip in 1980? It’s a bit of a beaut.

More Blue Nose action ended Monday. We settled down with BOOZE to watch A’s Toffee Men.