Friday 10th February, 2023

Album of the Day: Manu Chao – Clandestino

Not my kind of thing. I didn’t really listen to it. Even as background music it passed me by.

I finally caught up with a DPW podcast. I say a DPW podcast – it’s probably the only one out there. And even then it was almost lost down the back of the modern interweb settee.

It was quite amusing hearing an American taking such a great interest in L******er’s finest.

“We’d really be on fire in we played in California.”

“We were THE hot winter band of 1989.”

“You’re still a rock ‘n’ roller when you’re in the bath.”

POTHOLES feature. I really should pay more attention to the recent DPW album.

Mr BT turned up at lunchtime. His first request was to use my toilet. Erm, OK. He stomped through the house with his work boots on, and then syphoned the python without closing the toilet door. The seat was left up and there was suspicious activity around the sink that I’d rather not think about.

Cheers, Mr BT.

He then took one look at the BT Hub, and came to his decision:

“That’s a crap old model. Let me fetch a new one from the van.”

And that was how my modern interweb woes were sorted.

The ordeal wasn’t over yet. We have devices scattered around the house in the same way that some people might discard clothes.. Every single one of them needed a WiFi password update.

The WiFi extender is always a fiddly beast; the printer was a challenge. The Amazon Echoes were fairly smooth; not so fr the not so smart plugs.

Reconnecting the thermostat imposed on us by Fuck Face was a great way to waste an hour on a Friday.

Cheers, Fuck Face.

I had some business on the other side of Sunny Colch mid-afternoon. I decided to cycle over on the Raleigh electric. I wanted to use the Beeline Velo 2 to guide me. I couldn’t be arsed to transfer the clamp on to another bicycle.

It was the correct decision. Riding the Raleigh electric is always a pleasure, even along the Petrol Head clogged up roads of Sunny Colch.

I made the most of having the extra boost and the panniers on board. I stopped off at Lidl on the way back and bought up half the store.

The Greenstead magic roundabout was shitty to cycle through during the rush hour; I climbed Boundary Road with little effort.

Nina Simone and piping hot mugs of tea eased me into the weekend.