Thursday 9th February, 2023

Most of the morning was taken up on a work sim. It was the mean and lean team causing CHAOS all over the modern interweb.

I love working this way, adapting and changing on the fly. We remained one step ahead of the delegates and pushed them for three hours solid.

In New Front Door News: we’ve got a date for later this month for the installation. Ever since moving to the bloody Estuary Wilds I’ve been concerned that the main door is made of plywood.

Would you like glass panels?


Would you like a doorbell?


I want a front door that said GO AWAY. A spy-hole would be nice.

We only answer the door if we’re expecting someone. There’s so many fuckers around here, hawking shit or generally wanting to bother you you.


Album of the Day: Sinead O’Connor – I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got

The Disney production on the opening tracks gave this a gloss that it didn’t really need. Sinead always works best when she is being raw and honest. The Soul II Soul funky drummer beats were a surprise on I Am Stretched. Nothing Compares can pull at the heartstrings. She didn’t half warble for the final third.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I did some GP catching up on 6Music. He had Jehst as a guest. There was some great stories about the early days of UK hip hop.

Five minutes were wasted scrolling through the Music Magpie offers. Four CD’s for a fiver is a bloody good deal. But it’s most charity shop shit with the odd gem buried away.

A rustled up another all-comers soup. This means all the shit left over from the veg bag is boiled to fuck in the hope that it thickens. If in doubt, lob in some mixed herbs to drown out the taste.

There. That did the job.

I tried to offload more tat on eBay by sending out offers to people watching my various items. Please take away my FUCK OFF cactus. Look, I’ve even dropped the price by £50. We’ll need a roof extension for it soon.

Speaking of which, we bit the bullet and booked in some builder types to offer up quotes for various household crap. Following the Fuck Face gas engineer mess, we made sure that anyone with a hotmail or yahoo address was avoided.

Sorry, small traders. If you’ve not got a back office to handle *ahem* disputes in a sensible manner, then we’re not interested.

I had a bit of an Island / ZTT afternoon. Grace led to Propaganda. The Jewel into Duel sequence was stunning on CD. I snaffled up the Wishful Thinking remix album. I might have to revise my War on Pop position, Comrades.

We had enough light and time late afternoon for a brief knock about down at The Table of Dreams. I was crap. A pulled my pants down with a 7-1 defeat. Oh dear.

I went on a Cornershop binge through until early evening. I’d forgotten how funky L******er’s finest are.

Links for Thursday 9th February, 2023:

In #Dangleway News:

“If your beloved chooses to take you on the Dangleway for Valentine’s, perhaps query why you’re with them.”

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