Sunday 5th February, 2023

An email first thing from ‘M S Culture.’ That’s odd, I thought. I don’t remember signing up to a Marks & Sparks list, let alone one that focusses on shitty mainstream High Street culture. It was The Morning Star Culture, Comrades.

I read Dave Winer’s overnight email despatch from the States. He’s turned off Drummer – for now. That’s a real shame, but understandable. Drummer was using the Twitter API as the default sign in. Charging independent developers to build new products on the back of the API is a backwards step.

I loved the freedom Drummer gave me for blogging. The format was so simple. I’m pleased that I went down the WordPress route once again and not have my content held hostage by some arsehole egomaniac billionaire. That’s not Dave, btw.

I caught up with the Barrett Strong four-fer from Robert Elms yesterday. What a songwriter! It’s impossible to offer any criticism of The Temptations’ version of Just My Imagination. I didn’t even know that Barrett Strong wrote Wherever I Lay My Hat.

Music of the Gods.

I had a return to running after knackering my right calf over a week ago in Sunny Colch. I’ve been surprised at the speed of recovery. I set out around the Clapham Common route with lovely Larkhall bolted on at the end.

There was bright sunshine as I crossed from SW8 to SW4. The North Face boys and girls of Clapham had come out to play. Once again the bloody brand was everywhere. There was also a large number of mid-morning runners around the Common. I still find it quite a magical place to be.

I turned off for the Larkhall bolt on. I passed a magnificent gathering of Nigerian women in their very dapper Sunday best.

I made it around Larkhall, and then PING! Oh shit. That’s my left calf this time. Another week off running awaits me.

To Champion Hill! …was the afternoon call. Dulwich women had a home game against London Lionesses. I saw Will Self (I think?) as I cycled the No Man’s Land between Stockwell and Camberwell. He looked very dapper on his Brompton.

There was a queue to get into Dulwich. The women’s games still retain a lovely Dulwich old school feel about them. The crowds are building, but nothing like the uncomfortable 2,500+ for the men. The official attendance was 416, plus six dogs. Dulwich were far too strong, ending up comfortable 6-1 winners.

I had another quick turn around back at base and then To Streatham! I had arranged to meet M to watch Streatham Redhawks and their home hockey game against Chelmsford.

The Whistle Man of Stockwell serenaded me as I cycled around the Memorial Garden. He’s quite a character as he stands in the middle of the traffic and blows away on his penny whistle.

I hitched behind an electric bike as I took on Brixton Hill. Some other geezer then pulled up, and then actually held on to the back of the electric to get a tow up the hill. The electric rider saw the funny side. I don’t think I would have been so understanding.

There was another big crowd at the Ice Arena. Streatham started strong and didn’t let up. The second 6-1 scoreline of the day was racked up come the final hooter. It was good to see some old fella wearing a Streatham Redskins scarf. I don’t think we’re allowed to talk about this history and heritage anymore.

Oh yeah – mid-table for Forest.


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