Thursday 2nd February, 2023

The first task on Thursday morning was to confirm my kit size for the new walking football strips that we’re ordering. I’ve never seen so many XXXXXL messages flying about on WhatsApp.

Album of the Day: Dead Kennedys – Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

I knew nothing about the Dead Kennedys apart from being shit scared of a punk in the year above me at school. He had a mohican, wore size 10 DM’s and had Dead Kennedys painted on the back of his leather jacket. What was all the fuss about? This is pussycat music compared to Crass. You can hear the transition from the first wave of punk through to post punk. This is an album caught in No Man’s Land. It’s not dangerous, and it’s nothing to be scared of. It’s a good time fun album.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I cycled off through Brixton and on to Herne Hill for a school day in SE21. I decided to roll out on the Raleigh 20. Last time I rode it I thought the hub gears were slipping. It was a smooth ride through the Railton LTN. That’s one less bike issue to worry about.

It was a funny old school day. Boy Y took an obsessive interest in my burgundy KRONK boxing sweatshirt. I thought it was me he was interested in at first. But then I noticed that there was no eye contact. He was all over my sweatshirt. I made my excuses and moved on.

I took part in an energetic sensory singing session with one of the primary classes. I love the lessons put on by this teacher. She demands energy from students and staff.


…came the instructions as we sang a song describing how to brush your hair. The irony wasn’t lost on my as I mimicked the actions across my balding head.

The good time vibes continued with the sixth former staging a mock carnival. You haven’t lived if you haven’t swivelled your hips before the mid-morning play bell.

Some of the energy drained later in the day. I found it impossible to find somewhere quiet to work away during lunch. I had so much wasted time, sitting around and waiting for some peace. This isn’t how I operate.

There was one final surprise in the school day: a fire drill. Oh joy. At least it wasn’t raining.

I cycled back through Brixton on the Raleigh 20.

“Nice bike, bro”

…said some secondary kids along Coldharbour Lane. I gave them the nod, but then didn’t dare turn around once again, knowing that they would be taking the piss. They had a point, to be fair.

N from Weird Wiv mailed me. He’s offering up another cassette deck from his collection. I’m very tempted, but the NADS deck he offloaded last year is stacking up well. Plus my focus is rather heavy on CDs right now.

I spent a little more time chasing the missing Royal Mail parcel that I paid the extra postage for back in early December. Christ, they really are shit.

News of the Snowcast dropped. This could be decent. Where Metroknobbers led, others inevitably followed.

To Brixton! …was the evening call. There was a Selector Thursdays event happening at Lion Vibes. The Vill-aaage was busy by 9pm. Lion Vibes was rocking. My watched pinged saying I had met my daily step count whilst skanking away.

The Sisters of Reggae showed up later evening and put in a killer set. I don’t think I was the only person in the shop Shazamming every song.

Back at base and the cheeky eBay fucker from last night was continuing with his fun and games. He offered £3.99 for the Genesis cassette.

Look, pal. It’s on Buy It Now for £4 for a reason. I want bloody £4 for it right?

I refused the offer.

Minutes later it had sold for £4.

There. That wasn’t difficult now, was it?

Links for Thursday 2nd February, 2023

“The council however has a manifesto pledge from the last election to investigate the possibility, so is proposing to hire a consultancy to investigate options for extending the Northern line to #Clapham Junction station.”

Pledge, consultancy, options…

“Where is the top part?’ I asked when shown the lower portion of a model at the consultation for the redevelopment of LS. ‘We don’t have it,’ replied the developers. ‘So how can I judge the impact?’, growing suspicious & feeling I was being taken for a fool.”

The Gentle Author on LS redevelopment

“There was an almost messianic steel behind the eyes that reminded me in a strange way of the manner in which his nemesis Tony Blair was depicted by cartoonist Steve Bell.”

Peter Watts on Brian Haw