Saturday 28th January, 2023

Another Saturday morning away from ParkRun. I knackered my right calf 10km into a 20km run on Thursday. It’s healing quicker that I expected. I’m still at least a week away from any serious running.

Robert Elms was once again the mid-morning entertainment on BBC London. He had a brilliant four-fer: the songs of Bob Dylan, as performed by anyone in the world who isn’t called Bob Dylan. His Bobness knows how to write a half decent tune. His vocal delivery can be a little ‘challenging.’

Step forward Dolly Parton and Ladysmith Black Mambazo. It’s not the most obvious of pairings, but the cover of Knockin’ On Heavens Door was brilliant and BONKERS.

I rolled out for a bicycle ride a little later. It’s been a while since I had a Saturday morning ride. As well as the injury issue, I’m still in tattoo healing mode. I should be OK to return to the pool next week.

I clocked Mr Mule on the road leaving Weird Wiv towards Alresford. He was majestically pedalling along, oblivious to the pace of the cars around him, and no doubt not giving a shit.


The cars were a right bloody pain. I’m not use to this level of traffic on my usual midweek roll outs. All car drivers looks like miserable sods. Maybe it is me on my bicycle that makes them miserable?

I tried to maintain a pace of 25kmh throughout the 35km circuit. Strava tells me that I was seven minutes slower compared to riding the same route on my roadie, but twenty minutes faster than on the tourer.

Out went the shout of: To Broad Lane! …mid afternoon. Wivenhoe Town had a top of the table-ish home clash against Hackney Wick.

“Oh E Ldn, is wonderful, oh E Ldn is wonderful.”

I beg to differ, fella.

My fashionably late arrival meant that I had already missed a goal each from both teams. Wivenhoe then scored a WORLDIE from almost the halfway line with a cheeky lob.

A red card followed in the second half for the visitors. They dug deep and scored an equally impressive equaliser. 2-2 seemed about right. I was told after the game that one of my snaps was on the cover of the match day programme.

Another shout then went out: To the University!

These shouts don’t actually go out, btw. Well, only in my own head.

Essex Rebels Div 1 Men had a home court basketball game against D***y. The away team looked like bully boys. They visibly seemed 2-3 years older than the Rebels with their level of muscle.

“We’re in for a thrashing”

…I turned and told A.

There was a great crowd at the Sports Arena. I’d wager that it was almost full. I’m still not sure how the Rebels are managing this. There is zero promotion locally. I think the situation is the same on campus. Yet still the crowds come.

And why not? It was a decent start to the game with Rebels coming within two points of levelling the scores. And then a major collapse kicked in. Somehow D***y managed to walk away with a 93-57 victory. It wasn’t through brute force, but by using skill instead.

We were back at base in time to catch the Man Utd Vs Reading FA Cup game. Yeah, yeah. Saturdays are all about sport, innit?

The day came to a close with the most brilliant boxing match between Anthony Yarde and some Russian geezer. Boxing has slipped off my radar in the past few months. I blame Steve Bunce and his high pitched voice. I love the level of detail on the 5Live Boxing podcast, but the high pitch does me nut in.

Calling the fight for BT was Darren Fletcher. He’s emerged as the country’s best commentator across different sports in the past few years. I still remember him as the cheeky Boy About Town back in the Castle Gate days of Radio Trent.

He’s one of our own, etc.

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