Friday 27th January, 2023

The perfect porridge to start Friday morning: thick, sweet and with steam rising from the surface. I once had a girlfriend who described me in similar terms.

Friday morning also means the return of Robert Elms on BBC London. He played the first new EBTG single in 24 years. Blimey. Smiling Ben and our Trace have got staying power. It’s rather good.

Likewise for *shhh* the first tease from the ‘reimagined’ [URGH] new U2 album. Elms played Pride (In the Name of Love.) That’s a decent contemporary cover, I thought. It’s far better than the posturing of the U2 original.

It was U2 of course. Whoops.

Cover to Cover was Tell It Like It Is, Nina Vs Aaron Neville. Aaron won, much to my surprise. Nina sings the song in such an underhand, almost carefree way. What a voice, what a woman.

I switched to the cricket and worked away for the rest of the morning with the pictures from Bloemfontein. I long for those summer days back at The Oval again. We’ve got a friendly against the ‘Sex in two months time. Brrrrr.

I carried out another ONS Covid shit test. I was determined not to deliver another inconclusive result as has been the case of late. I poked the Stick of Pain right down my tonsils, and then gave each nostril a decent tickle. That will be £20, thank you very much.

My watch pinged saying that Sabri was back in management at Cardiff City. Blimey. I didn’t see that coming. I hope it works out for the fella. He came SO close to delivering down at the World Famous City Ground. I remain convinced that Covid shit fucked up our promotion. Forest simply couldn’t perform without the fans.

Lunchtime was free for a brief bicycle ride on the Raleigh electric. The lanes have finally dried out. It almost felt like early spring with the Estuary Wilds sun on my face.

Strava clocked me as being two minutes faster on this route compared to earlier in the week. I put this down to being almost caught short and wanting a wee wee 5km away from home.

I had to focus for the afternoon work. We had a pretty high profile sim session. I was asked to buddy some N American colleagues who were taking part for the first time. I turned off the video and let the other team members hear my voice only as I rambled on for three hours talking to myself. The feedback was positive.

The early evening Forest round up on BBC Nottingham didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know. I watched the Arsenal Vs Man City match, but drifted off watching Streatham Rovers YT vids instead.

#NeverStopNotGivingUp, etc.