Thursday 26th January, 2023

I decided not to spend too long on Thursday morning focussing on the Forest fall out from the night before. We lost. Get over it. The briefest of brief scrolls through Forest Twitter and I was done. Come back stronger, etc.

Much easier was sending out eBay offers to buyers who are watching the tat I’m trying to flog. I dropped the prices by around 15%, fishing to see what was out there. The only bite I got was some dude buying A Hard Day’s Night on cassette.

For the record, A Hard Day’s Night is not tat.

The buyer left some very specific instructions about what he expects next. I fear this trade isn’t going to end well.

The work rota for the next fortnight dropped. I’ve also got some time booked off during this period. I spent too long horse trading various shifts and trying to negotiate picking up extra work during the time I’ve got booked off.

I needed to get out. I felt a LONG run in my legs. I set out on the 10 mile route around Sunny Colch. I passed a unicyclist as I left Weird Wiv. Funny old town, etc. I had the latest Half Man Half Biscuit in my AirPods. They never fail to raise a smile.

It was tough going. I struggled for the first 2km. This wasn’t a good sign. I then hit my stride down at the Hythe and felt half decent.

I approached Castle Park.


Oh shit. That’s my right calf. No worries, Jase, let’s run through this. Two decades ago and my invincible body would have agreed. Not so as I approach my mid 50’s.

I reached the end of the Castle Park path and reluctantly had to call it quits. Conveniently there was a bus stop back to Weird Wiv right outside the park. Not so convenient was the half hour wait.

My leg is fucked. That’s my sporting plans for the next fortnight forgotten.

Waiting for me back at base was an email inviting me to take part in the Crystal Palace Triathlon in May. Injuries, aside, I’m half tempted. The price of £65 puts me off. I could complete my own S Ldn Tri if really wanted to.

We finally watched the Woodstock Trainwreck documentary on Netflix. Woh. That was some serious shit. We both accepted that our days of attending big music festivals are probably finished.