Monday 23rd January, 2023

The Postman Delivers: OMD’S Architecture and Morality. I was thought of as a WEIRDO when I bought this on vinyl back in 1981. I should have been buying Bucks Fizz instead. I’m equally thought of as a WEIRDO buying it on CD some 42 years later. Like I give a shit.

I love it how OMD released two different singles, both called Joan of Arc. The marketing FOOLS wouldn’t let you get away with that these days.

The Postman Also Delivers the Dan Hodges book, One Minute to Ten. Yeah, yeah, Centrist shit. But I’m a sucker for an easy politico read that you don’t need a PhD in PPE to understand. He came across as a likeable fella in the recent Party Political podcast. But his politics are shit.

Oh yeah – it was an old library book sold on eBay once again.

I was bloody cold all day. I didn’t really warm up. I was a little transfixed last night watching social content from one of the Wild Swimming Brothers completing an Ice Mile at Lake Brockwell yesterday. This involves swimming a mile (32 lengths!) when the water temperature is 5 degrees or below.

The current temperature is 3 degrees. My winter swimming rule is a length for every degree. Reading how the Wild Swimming Bro needed help to get him out of the pool, plus support from two others to get him changed put a chill down my spine.

I’ve missed outdoor swimming the past two winters. I deliberately timed tattoo appointments to give me a convenient excuse not to swim on through. I plan to return in April, and then hopefully swim on throughout next winter. An Ice Mile can do one though. Maybe I’ll just keep on getting tattooed each winter.

Album of the Day: Pulp – Different Class

I don’t think I’m quite ready for a Pulp reappraisal. Yes, it’s a great album, but it’s also still incredibly over familiar for me. I tried to listen out for anything new. The production has a lot more to offer than I first thought. The focus on Jarvis and the lyrics can lead you to oversee some interesting twists and turns in the music. Pencil Skirt in particular was pretty trippy for the music alone. It gets a little deep with I Spy. I thought 4 stars initially. But Sorted for E’s made me smile and tipped me towards 5 stars.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

There was an hour long Garibaldi Reds podcast, catching up with all things Forest following the 1-1 draw away Bournemouth. There is so much happening at Trentside these days that an hour doesn’t seem excessive.

It’s great that Forest are getting representation in BIG media land form the likes of Fletch and Prutton. For far too long we’ve had clueless BIG media people not giving a shit about the Two Stars and the heritage.

Buzzed: Lambeth LibDems call for a new housing strategy at the Town Hall following the failure of the Council owned Homes for Lambeth

“Lambeth LibDems are calling for a new housing strategy at the Town Hall following the failed Homes for Lambeth being taken back in-house.”

I had to deliver some work training throughout the afternoon. I hopeless at this. The feedback suggested otherwise, but it’s not something I’m entirely comfortable in doing. It was remote, full on video cams. I had to apologise to my North American colleagues for my bloody Estuary Wilds freeze yer bollocks off choice of knitwear.

I played the Ted Hawkins Next Hundred Years CD late afternoon. It was short at 36 minutes. It loses something of the appeal of his earlier work with a band behind him. Ted always worked best when it was just him busking on his guitar. The poor fella copped it a few weeks after the album came out. He was 58.

The news dropped later in the day that the Essex Rebels Head Coach Tom Sadler is leaving. Blimey. I didn’t see that coming. I hope the momentum he has built as part of the Rebels family continues. This is an organisation that is looking to dominate British basketball.

Album of the Day Extra: Buffalo Springfield – Buffalo Springfield Again

It’s about time I got round to listening to this with Diesel Park West banging on about it for the past thirty years. There’s an awful lot of different styles jumping around here. Mr Soul is a promising start. But then it seems to run out of steam for the rest of the album. I prefer DPW tbh.

⭐ ⭐