Thursday 19th January, 2023

Buzzed: Lambeth budgets for price rises of between 10-15% as it prepares to manage borough leisure centres back in-house

“Taking services back in-house is something of a trend at Lambeth Town Hall for 2023. You wait an entire decade for the Third Way Nu Labour project to fail in Lambeth, and then BOOM! Suddenly there is a realisation that the market can be crap when it comes to delivering Council services.”

I had an icy ride for the ten minute cycle into the SW9 school this morning. This was the ideal opportunity to test the new tan wall tyres on the Brompton. They are incredibly light with little grip. I’m no bicycle mechanic, but I’d wager they aren’t exactly black ice friendly.

My pedestrian pace up Stockwell Road meant it probably would have been quicker to walk it. The tyres never felt like I was at risk, but I was ultra, ultra cautious. Corners were taken at pretty much right angles.

I passed three cargo bikes along the short 1km stretch. Lambeth to its credit is attempting some remarkable policy changes with the proposed kerbside policy. It’s a crap name; Anti-Car policy would be more appropriate – and that’s nothing to hide away from, Comrades.

The school day started in Year 7 watching a Newsround catch up. The lead story was the Welsh women’s football team being paid parity with the men. I almost let out a Pavlovian YOU REDS! when Brennan appeared on the class whiteboard wearing the Garibaldi Red.

Chinese dumplings as part of Year 8’s food tech was another highlight. I’m always impressed with the menu choices attempted in these lessons. The best it ever got for me was a pot of tea and cheese on toast. I’ve been dining off it, so to speak, ever since.

I had a fascinating conversation with Girl Z about hew Siamese cats. She explained how they are half-brothers, sharing the same father, but not the same mother. I didn’t like to ask for further details about how she knew such detail.

I wanted to stay for the after-school wiff waff club. There are some decent players who would certainly give me a challenging game. But I was booked on a train back to the bloody Estuary Wilds.

Another Garibaldi Red podcast dropped. I caught up on this throughout the journey. The excellent Tim Vickery was the guest, passing comment on Forest’s three Brazilian signing this season. Just like watching Brazil, etc.

We watched the live iPlayer feed of Question Time early evening. And then the second half of Man City Vs lolspurs. I didn’t warm up, and neither did the cats.

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“Lambeth has one of the lowest car ownership rates in London, yet 94 percent of this public space is given over to parking and that must change.”