Saturday 14th January, 2023

A fail from 5Live at 6am:

“Today is the East Midlands derby. We know how much both supporters look forward to this.”

Hang on. The East Midlands derby? Forest are at home to L******er later, and not the sheep shite from up the A52. We don’t give a shit about L******er. You can see that clearly by the way I have asterisked it out.


But yeah – Forest Vs L******er is a meh match. If we ever get to play the sheep shite again then come back to me at 6am and talk about a real East Midlands derby.

More tuned in was Robert Elms. He ended his Saturday show with a classic run of tunes: Nina’s Baltimore, Roxy’s Avalon and then Bowie’s Wild is the Wind.


I messed around longer than I should with the shed alarm. The batteries needed changing. It should have been so simple.

The back of the unit was unscrewed. I placed three new batteries inside. Nothing. Oh. I went to the Coop to buy more batteries, thinking the ones I tried may be flat. Still nothing.

I poked around online but there was little go on. When I’m on a mission, I’m on a mission. I tried various combinations of ‘new’ and ‘new new’ batteries. Still nothing.

It’s a crap alarm anyway tbh.

In desperation I thought: I wonder if you need the back unit on for the alarm to work?


Oh well. At least I have some spare batteries for when it goes again.

I lost the best part of an hour to all this battery bollocks. It meant the planned luncheon walk was abandoned.

Out when the shout of: To the University!

Saturday night is BALL GAME night, etc. Essex Rebels women had a home court game against London Lions, followed by the Div 3 men’s team against Northampton.

I took another soaking cycling up to campus. The dark skies dumped on me almost immediately as I left the house.

It was a tough game for the women against the leaders of the WBL. I confess to having Forest in the AirPods, rather than focussing 100% on the basketball.

My Forest fist pumping looked a little out of place as the Rebels put in their worst performance of the season. It was a shocking game.

We were joined by A & S midway through the game. It wasn’t the best Rebels introduction for them. We drowned out sorrows waiting for the Div 3 men in the SU bar. Blimey. Brixton Brewery’s Coldharbour was even on tap. It made a change from the pints of cherry brandy and cider 30 years ago.

The Div 3 men put played magnificently. They went toe to toe with a strong Northampton side. The scores were level with two minutes left on the clock. Rebels then pulled away with some killer three pointers.

I’m loving basketball, and loving the Rebels experience right now.

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William Whiffin, Photographer