Thursday 12th January, 2023

I updated to Ventura 13.1 overnight across two MacBook Airs. It was a nervy start on Thursday morning. I fired up both machines and everything seems to be working without any issues.

Buzzed: Lambeth Council considered ending the Country Show before deciding to hand the 2023 event over to the private sector

“Lambeth Council considered ending the Country Show as the landmark event approaches its 50th anniversary. A Council report ahead of the 49th Show in 2023 backtracks by stating: Lambeth does not wish to completely lose the Country Show at this time.”


I left the Brompton in the flat and made the short walk to the SW9 school in yet more South London rain. Rain, rain go away. Come back when my garden needs you again in about six months time.

The first task in SW9 was to help the Year 12 students prepare for their assembly celebrating different cultures. The presentation involves dancing from Jamaica, Ghana and Nigeria. The call went out for a suitable English song to add at the end. I volunteered Chas and Dave. I was met with blank looks from students and adults alike.

I was then treated to a tagliatelle food tech session with an Italian master chef teacher. ALL my culinary, science and art history knowledge comes out of this school. We’re all still learning, Comrades.

Boy Y asked me over lunch:

“What is your job here?”

I wasn’t entirely sure how to reply.

The school day ended with a game of dodgeball with the Year 13 students. I couldn’t… dodge out of this one, despite my protests.

My watch pinged as I was leaving. I managed to sell the Ziggy Motion Picture soundtrack on cassette for a tenner. It’a a great, underrated live Bowie album. The CD version will do nicely for me, thanks.

I made my way over to LS and then back to the bloody Estuary Wilds. The Christmas lights were still turned on around the town.

My feeds showed that one of the old Rat Records team is hopefully returning with a new business. This is brilliant news. I’ve missed my Saturday morning CD spending sprees in Camberwell over the past twelve months.

Welcome back. Hopefully somewhere in SW Ldn.

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