Tuesday 10th January, 2023

Some early morning prep in the flat. An electrician was booked to carry out a couple of running repairs. It was pissing it down outside on the mean streets of Sunny Stockwell.

I didn’t hesitate to take my lead from Tizon, the OCD Hero of SW8. Out came the dust sheets as I plotted a route for the electrician around the flat. I felt a little guilty; it would certainly change the dynamics of the relationship. But needs must. OCD is OCD, innit.

I needn’t have worried. Mr Electrician was very understanding. He was in and out in under twenty minutes. A few extra parts need to be bought. A return visit will take place. I hope it’s the same geezer so I don’t have to go through the whole dust sheet guilt trip again.

Album of the Day: Bob Marley and the Wailers – Exodus

A fantastic and influential album. Try and put aside the political and social messages, and it still stands up as a musical masterpiece. Marley’s vision was simple: bring together people through music. It helped that he was a half decent songwriter and performer. I’d never considered the two sides to the story on the album: one political, one personal. It’s all music to me. Waiting in Vain has always hit a personal spot. A remarkable record.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

The chase for the missing post I paid the extra postage on continues. I put in a call to Royal Mail once again. I managed to hang out the washing, hoover the stairs and make a start on the window cleaning for the time I was on hold. I’m chasing £1.50 that I paid in extra postage. It’s all about priorities, Jase.

Twice I have been told by Royal Mail that the unknown package has been delivered; twice I have pointed out nope, that’s not the case, pal.

More money matters followed with the fella who bartered over 50p for the Springsteen Darkness cassette yesterday. He buckled and agreed to my counter-counter offer of £5. He’s getting free postage as well. The cheeky fucker.

I tried to get rid of the six foot cactus one more time. I sent out an eBay offer of £200, down from £250. I’ve no idea what is a realistic price here. There’s not a lot of guidance online. What I do know is that the rate of growth will soon exceed the height of my ceiling. It’s attracting watchers online, but no buyers.

Lethargy set in for the afternoon work. I turned to the Drum and Bass show to liven things up. Charlie Tee dropped JB’s I Feel Good. I never had that down as D & B. It didn’t sound out of place.

Some Gilles Peterson followed. It’s been quite a year for losing some outstanding musical talent. GP reflected this. The Specials’ Friday Night, Joyce Simms and MTUME all featured. I missed the passing of James MTUME last year.

Tuesday evening was spent watching the Forest I Believe in Miracles film. Again. It was showing on BT Sport 3 early evening and I couldn’t resist.

I laughed, I pinched myself to make sure that this all wasn’t a dream. I’m not ashamed to say that the tears came at the end.