Wednesday 4th January, 2023

I know: let’s book the day off work; but what to do? Oh yeah, Day 3 of the FUCK OFF sleeve tattoo, innit. I love my holiday time.

It started with the usual pre-tattoo shaving ritual. One arm clean as a baby’s backside, the opposite arm resembling an ageing guerrilla. It’s quite a look, ladies.

I cycled into Sunny Colch on the Brompton. Two birds, one stone etc. The plan was to drop the Brompton off for a service. It was the first time that I have ridden it without the front and rear carrier in a while. It’s a mean ride when foot loose and fancy free.

The very nice Bicycle Shop man booked me in. I also went with the upgrade option of a pair of poncey tan wall tyres. It’s a Ldn thing, innit.

I made my way over to the tattoo studio. The public Christmas trees around Sunny Colch were being dumped in the skips. And thank the chuff for that.

It was a great session in the Inking Chair. It got off to a good start when my tattoo man tipped me off about the Satantic Bible. He lives his life by it apparently. I very much like his style.

There was a lot of early morning planning and sketching taking place on my arm. Much like painting and decorating, it’s all about the prep. It was busy in the studio. My man was the last to fire up his ink gun about an hour later.

A TV screen has been installed since my last visit before Christmas. We watched the morning matinee of Star Wars A New Hope, and then followed this up with The Empire Strikes Back for the afternoon session.

Some heavy inking took place during the first few hours. I put on a brave face. At least I didn’t faint like I did in L******er back in 1995.

I was told to get some air and stretch my legs at luncheon. There was the annual Jumble Sale at the Arts Centre. There was some half decent DVD’s, but I know we wouldn’t get round to watching them.

I did a brief charity shop CD trawl. I managed to pick up Nanci Griffith’s Greatest Hits for £1. From A Distance, Speed of the Sound of Loneliness and the delightful Love at the Five and Dime. What a girl!

I actually fell asleep during the afternoon ink session. The heavy lifting had been done. It was the case of lightly filling in the gaps.

A good day, a good holiday.

I wandered off into the early evening darkness of Sunny Colch. Some dude had his headphones on and was belting out The Beatles’ Don’t Let Me Down. I do like oddness.

I was Brompton-less, and with no trains back to Weird Wiv either because of that nice Mick Lynch. I had to bus it back. I benefitted from the £2 fare that the government has rather quietly rolled out between now and March. It still took 45 minutes to travel 8km.

Wednesday evening was spent cleaning up the tattoo and listening to the Forest commentary away at Southampton. It’s a dirty job, etc.

This was the first time this season I was expecting an away win. Four fist pumps from Cooper capped the perfect holiday.

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