Saturday 17th December, 2022

To The Fair City! …on Saturday morning. A day of walking around the mean streets of NG1 was on the agenda. Which usually means a trip to The World Famous County Ground, a schlep around the record and charity shop circuit, and then a quick snap of the Brian Clough statue.

Never change, Jase. Never change.

It was also a day for podcast catching up. I managed to drain the power out of a freshly charged pair of iPods as I clocked up 21,000+ steps.

First up was the latest Jason Lee AbsoluteLee (see what…) that dropped overnight. It’s proving to be a brilliant addition to my subscriptions. Lee is incredibly deep and thoughtful. He has aged well.

His second guest for his pod was Steven Reid, the former Forest coach. It’s a fantastic hour of open conversation covering racism, mental health and social media within the game.

I stopped off at The World Famous City Ground for a few snaps. Plus a quick look around the Megastore. I remember when the ‘megastore’ was a kiosk outside the old Main Stand that sold Forest pens and mugs.

It was a little different on Saturday. My eyes lit up when I saw the £4 reduced price tag on a rail of Forest replica shorts. Thoughts of buying up half a dozen pairs soon ended when I saw they were all size x6XL. I mean what even waist size id x6XL?

I crossed Trent Bridge and did a little detour around Meadow Lane.

OH HAI, Jimmy.

Anchor Army Surplus Store was up next. It’s a familiar path that I tread each year. I came close to buying a pair of aqua boots for rowing, kayaking and the paddle board. They were great quality, but probably priced £5 too high at £20.

A pair of black combats trousers caught my eye. But I’ve got a pair of combat trousers for almost every day of the week. The ex-Cop leather gloves were also of interest, but I couldn’t find my size. ZERO expenditure for once.

I walked through into the city centre. The Broad Marsh mess confused me. I was thrown out on to Lister Gate when I wasn’t expecting to be. Once landmark buildings are lost then all sense of geographical awareness disappears as well.

Apologies, but the Fair City was a dump. Sunny Colch is a dump. Everywhere is a bloody dump these days. Blame the modern interweb, innit.

I still managed to entertain myself on the charity and record shop circuit. Plus I ticked off the Christmas shopping list.

BC was looking down on everything, as ever.

To West Bridgford! …came the shout late afternoon. Coffee and friendship catch ups followed. Back in the day this would have been an afternoon five pinter session. A large cappuccino hit the spot instead on Saturday.

The BOOZE could wait. But not that much longer. Darts and more BrewDog ended Saturday.

Chin chin.