Tuesday 6th December, 2022

Buzzed: Cressingham Gardens residents promised tenant ballot over estate ‘regeneration’ as Lambeth Cabinet is shamed into accepting Kerslake Review #localgov #housing #gentrification

Residents of Cressingham Gardens will be granted a ballot to decide if their want they homes to be ‘regenerated’. This was confirmed by Labour Cllr Danny Adilypour, Cabinet Member for Sustainable Growth and New Homes.

Album of the Day: Radiohead – OK Computer

The production on this sounds incredibly distorted. There’s far to much going on. I’ve never warmed to that voice – or even the songs tbh. I fail to understand why so many people wet the bed over Radiohead. I prefer the Easy All Stars Radiodread take. I gave up with three tracks remaining. I caught up with a work webinar instead.

⭐ ⭐

Test Match Ticket Tuesday. It was the morning of Surrey opening up the Members’ window for the Ashes next summer. £110 per ticket? I’ll have FOUR, thank you very much.

Actually, no. That’s half the amount I pay for a Surrey Championship membership for the entire season. But Red Maz was keen on some Test match ticket action. Four were snaffled up by A before breakfast.

I watched the latest Chippers Forest YT video. There’s a great interview with David Marples, the author of the new Reds Vs Rams book. It’s important at this stage to state that REDS comes before RAMS in the title. I’m pleased we’ve cleared that one up, Comrades.

It’s a great interview for what sounds like a brilliant book. It looks back beyond the Sky hype years. This is a local… derby that has had fierce rivalry going back to even pre-Clough times.

Marples takes a sociological approach to understanding the differences between the two cities. I’m hoping that I will have the opportunity to finish the book by Boxing Day.

I also caught up with some of the World Cup Garibaldi Red podcasts. Matt Forde had the interesting insight that he was born on a day when Forest had a home match. He’s managed to track down a match day programme.

Interesting, I thought. But I was born on a Friday. Friday’s Child is full of… shit? But wait! What’s this? the modern interweb tells me that Forest had a home FA Cup match against Everton of all teams on Friday 20th March, 1970. They won 3-2, as well.

An eBay search is currently running to try and source a programme.

Christmas cards were written early evening. These take less time with every passing year.

I played another bundle of reggae 12’s before digitising them. They sound so rich coming out of the analogue system. My CD fiend within has so far resisted buying reggae on anything else other than vinyl.

Links for 6th December, 2022

“A lot of club venues become locked into a single scene, or even a single band – think of the Cavern or Eric’s in Liverpool for perfect examples – whereas the Marquee was much more promiscuous.”