Monday 5th December, 2022

Buzzed: The Great Homes for Lambeth Con – how Lambeth Council tried and failed to become a private property developer #localgov #housing #gentrification

“The Labour Cabinet at Lambeth Council will head nod through the response to the damning Kerslake Review into Homes for Lambeth on Monday evening. It will be a painful experience for the right wing cabal that controls Lambeth Council.”

My first greeting on Monday morning was a bird flying straight at me at the top of the stairs. Oh. Welcome to the new week, welcome to living with cats, innit.

Bloody Dotty.

I managed to guide the poor little bird into the bathroom, opened the window wide and closed the door to keep Dotty out. Half an hour later and this bird had flown. Not so much she came in through the bathroom window, but she flew out. But not before a shit was taken in our shower.

A trail of feathers lined he stairs. Odd, I thought. The bird was certainly air born and didn’t look damaged. I then found Mr Robin lying motionless at the foot of the stairs. Happy Christmas. Bloody Dotty.

Monday was still full of Estuary Wilds GLOOM. We’ve only got another three months of this shit to suffer. Some mid-morning listening with Gilles Peterson perked me up.

The modern interweb woes of the weekend seemed to have resolved themselves overnight. I proceeded with caution across the school sites. I live in fear of breaking the modern interweb. I’m becoming too Luddite to continue in this game.

We had some Tik Tok training over lunch. It’s always good to catch up with the small team online together. But like I said, I’m becoming too Luddite to continue in this game.

I felt for the poor fella who was dangling from the oak tree opposite all day. He was giving it a damn decent pruning. It looked precarious, hanging by a thread from up on high. I’m personally delaying the annual wisteria prune through fear of climbing a stepladder.

Album of the Day: Joan Armatrading – Joan Armatrading

This album has fantastic production from Glyn Johns. Love and Perfection is a bit of a moment, especially hen the sax solo kicks. There is no specific style or genre. Joan Armatrading makes it all sound so simple. Songs, music, performance. Quality listening.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I suffered Lambeth’s Cabinet meeting early evening. I had promised not to put myself through watching a bunch of arsehole careerists, still failing to listen to the needs of residents. But there was a big Buzz story brewing there.

Blimey – this lot are shameless.

I had a few more tech issues with GIMP. One of the simple resize commands that I regularly use seems to have had the settings tampered with. I couldn’t find out how to reset. I resolved to a fresh download and a new install. The issue is still there. Oh dear.

Links for Monday 5th December, 2022

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