Friday 2nd December, 2022

A school day in SW9 for Friday. It got off to a good start singing Happy Birthday to Boy Y in assembly. The young fella has turned 17. I’ve known him since he was seven. Gosh. Time passages.

It was a varied day. Humanities research in Year 8 involved researching Brixton Village online ahead of a field trip. I was fearful that one of our Buzz critiques might appear on the class whiteboard.

Musical chairs as part of a drama lesson was more fun. I graciously bowed out in the first round so not to disappoint the main players.

Boy Y asked me at lunchtime:

“What’s your favourite FM?”

I was tempted to reply Trent, but it would have been wasted on him.

My f717 camera was playing up throughout the day. I just about got away with it. The issue is with the auto mode on the dial. It’s loading up every other option apart from this. I’ll have to revert to the back up for my next trip.

The school day finished on Friday with some freestyle mic singing in a music lesson. I wasn’t expecting a reggae version of One More Night to be one of the requests.

I had a smooth green carpet ride from SW9 all the way up to LS. A complete sweep of green traffic lights for the duration. This included the dreaded four-way lights currently in operation outside Borough tube.

I even remembered that the main escalator at LS is out of action. Carrying a Brompton and a front and rear carrier down the stairs is no fun. I sneaked in with the rear escalator.

There was another GoCycle 4Gi on the train. I had a little envy. I listened to the Oh! Brother podcast. Danny Kelly was the guest, talking about all things The Fall.

Back at the other end and the Christmas lights were TURNED ON in Weird Wiv. The upside down tree still gets on my tits.

We opted for the Switzerland Vs Serbia WC game, rather than the live stream of the Forest friendly against Stoke.

Football. Bloody hell, etc.

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