Tuesday 28th November, 2022

Tuesday morning at The Table of Dreams. It took two wipings to get the match play surface in tip top condition for the spectacle to follow. There was a strong start from A. She’s found my weak spot, knowing that I can’t play a backhand return. I soon put an end to that and took her out 4-1

Album of the Day: Johnny Cash – American IV: The Man Comes Around

This sounds like the death throws of an artist, but not in a mournful manner. The choice of songs is superb, with some sounding even better than the originals. The First Time I ever Saw Your Face, I’m So Lonesome, and even Personal Jesus. The production places the vocals right at the centre of the mix, where they should be. Cash was taking risks right through until the end, rather than playing the cabaret Country circuit. Ditch Danny Boy (no such thing as a decent version of this) and you’d have a five star album.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

The lunchtime bicycle ride to the pool was weird. I rolled out on the winter MTB. Something didn’t feel right. The tyres seemed heavy. I was making hard work of the ride. At the other end I did a few basic mechanical checks. Everything seemed fine. Maybe I was just slower?

It was a similar story in the pool. I thought that I was making great progress with some power strokes for the 40 lengths. Garmin disagrees. I was slower than the usual time, missing the 17 minute cut off. I do miss outdoor swimming.

I cycled back through the University. There was some young fella wearing a full on Dexy’s Soul Rebel style. He looked cool as fuck. It was all there: DM’s, black drainpipes, donkey jacket (!) and black knitted highland hat. I wonder what he wears during the summer months?

ONS emailed me unexpectedly. The missing voucher for the Covid shit test appeared. I’m building up quite a Decathlon kitty ahead of a spending spree over at Canada Water.

I blitzed more GP, and then the Drum ‘n’ Bass show again. I’m getting itchy feet. I’m in need of a DIRTY D & B all nighter. Then again, bed by 10am is so appealing these days.

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