Monday 21st November, 2022

A day of two halves – which was apt, considering I tried to get at least some interest in the World Cup today. The morning was positive, mainly with work and running; the afternoon was foul, dirty Estuary Wilds weather. It was quite depressing.

I managed to get a lunchtime run in before the skies darkened. This was the first appearance of my running trackies this autumn. They’re a rather cool cheap as chip purchase from Lidl.

I’ve been looking at branded black trackies of late in an attempt to keep up with some of the dudes in the SW9 school. There’s not a lot of change out of £100. I’d forgotten that I had my running trackies, which I just might be able to get away with on a school day.

The run itself was OK. That’s all you can hope for on a Monday lunchtime. It was a race to try and avoid the forecast rain at 1pm. I also had half an eye on the 1pm KO for England Vs Iran, but with slightly less urgency. This led to a time of just over 40 minutes for the 8km circuit.

I watched the football on and off, whilst carrying out other online admin tasks. One of my IFTTT applets is b0rked. I’ve tried everything. It’s bloody annoying that support is only available for paying customers. No surprises that I’m not a paying customer. In frustration I even deleted the applet, then started afresh. Still nothing. Hey hoe.

And then I had some issues with an email forwarder. I’ve cheekily piggy-backed this on a separate domain. In theory it should send all email to my own named domain to my main email address. It has been working. I only noticed that it had stopped when the recent ONS Covid shit voucher didn’t drop. I had my eye on a fancy branded pair of black trackies and was relying on the voucher…

The cats were also pissed off for most of the day. I washed one of Daisy’s fluff things that she sits on. Dotty was sneaky in making a move on Daisy’s second fluff thing of choice that was next to the radiator. Ah yes – the radiator. We’ve caved in. the BEASTLY Estuary Wilds weather means needs must. Arse.

I had more interest in the Wales Vs USA match than England. Nothing to do with nationally, but club triumphs over country for me every time. It’s been a while since any international team has boasted THREE players from the World Famous City Ground.

Album of the Day: Derek & the Dominos – Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs

Christ, this was shit. Any hope I had faded when I saw the running time of 1 hour and 16 minutes. How many Atlantic soul singles could I fit into this timeframe? ALL winners, unlike the crap from the silly old racist doing his guitar shite on this album. I know, I’ll wait until Layla, I thought. I could probably just about stomach this in a non-ironic Partridge strumming style. But it was the penultimate track. Even the Spotify ads for CEX were better than this shit. Bailed three songs in. Ahh – here comes Wilson Pickett. That’s better.

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