Friday 18th November, 2022

Album of the Day: The Smiths – Meat is Murder

I wanted nothing to do with this. More to the point, I wanted nothing to do with Mozza. It’s a decent album though from a time when Mozza wasn’t being a complete twat. Rusholme has an ACE rhythm going off. I almost danced. Nine songs at 39 minutes is the perfect length for an album. It wasn’t quite as strong as I remembered. I’m pleased that I have managed to move on from believing that The Smiths would have a legacy that would last 50 years plus.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Early morning work for Friday involved some back and forth action involving Swedish translations. The planned workflow held up well. The fictional character Maximilian featured. I had to wear my specs to focus on the screen at such an early hour. My eyesight is shocking.

I had Late Junction on in the background as my smoothing soundtrack. I’ve not listened for a few weeks. It’s always a rewarding experience. Some gems, but some absolute shit to plough through first.

The lunchtime run saw the appearance of my running gloves and ridiculously looking beanie. The hat isn’t for the cold, but it holds my AirPods in place. I listened to SAULT’s Aiir release. Like the Air predecessor, it sounds more like a film soundtrack than a standalone album.

The Flag boozer at the top of the town looks almost ready to re-open as a restaurant. The owners have done a handsome and sympathetic job with the restoration. Down at the other end of the Quay and I had to dodge endless giant puddles down by the Quay.

I caught myself in the mirror whilst cleaning up. Looking good, looking GINGER. wtf? There’s a slight ginger strand starting to appear in my beard. I’ve no idea whereabouts down the genetic timeline this has appeared from. It’s quite a worry.

Robert Elms played the latest single by Squeeze. It has cutting edge commentary that I’m surprised passed the over sensitive BBC censors. Fifty years on and Squeeze are still relevant. All profits are being donated to Food Banks.

I had to fill in an online health questionnaire ahead of some medical bits and bobs in the new year. The form automatically added my age as 52. Am I REALLY 52? Yes, I am. That was quite a shock.

A run of Half Man Half Biscuit CD’s appeared in the daily eBay emails. It looks like someone is selling on their collection. They’re currently at a decent price of around a fiver. That won’t last long.

I listened to some more of the Drum ‘n’ Bass Show to pick up the pace for the afternoon work shifts. It’s very lame compared to the old Fabio and Grooverider days. Pop music with a D ‘n’ B rhythm would be more appropriate.

I caught a little of the BBC Nottingham weekend sport preview show. Notts have sold out the 16,000 Meadow Lane capacity for the home match against Yeovil tomorrow. Not bad for the National League. Meanwhile Young Nigel was asked his thoughts ahead of the World Cup. It could have been his Old Man talking.

DARTS ended Friday.

Album of the Day Extra: The Beatles – Rubber Soul

I was fearful of being sucked into another Beatles cycle when Rubber Soul was served up on the 1001 Albums website for me. Once I start, I can’t stop. It’s a very healthy musical addiction. Rubber Soul is the perfect pop for me. The songs would work for any artist at any time. The Beatles were getting a little druggy, druggy, druggy around this time. It’s makes for a hazy listening experience. Time stands still. Rubber Soul was recorded in a four week period – which is quite remarkable. I managed to spill a four pint carton of milk whilst listening this afternoon. It made a right bloody mess of the kitchen floor. I still came out smiling. No point in crying over… etc. Only The Beatles can have that affect over me. Them Beatles were alright.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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