Monday 14th November, 2022

Album of the Day: Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique

Another album that passed me by. I think I was put off by all those knock off Parka coats with Paul’s Boutique plastered along the tail. No album should be a fashion accessory. I understand the great production and decent use of samples. But I still feel that the Beasties are shouting at me. It’s not the best music to listen to alone in isolation on a Monday morning. I bet it makes much more sense in a club with a bunch of mates. But I think I’m past those days now.

⭐ ⭐

Dotty brought in another mouse mid-morning. You don’t say. She rather conveniently let Mr Mouse out of the grip of her jaw right next to my football boots that were drying off on the indoor mat. Mr Mouse was sharp. He headed straight for the left hand boot and buried himself away. Dotty was oblivious. Back of the net, etc.

The Postman Delivers: a couple of Grace Jones CD’s. Much of last week was spent listening to Nightclubbing and the Island Life compilation. I decided to dig a little further into the back catalogue with some recent releases. She’s a stunning artist, for sure. Not always in a musical sense, but stunning all the same.

Some very odd work online searches were needed. Try ‘Swedish random name generator.’ We’re prepping for an important sim on Friday. Sadly my knowledge of everyday Swedish names is centred around 90’s footballers. The modern interweb is a wonderful thing.

Some contact was made with an old SE17 friend. The situation is still rather raw tbh. One of the requests was to trawl my archive spanning almost two decades for photos of someone who is now a Premier League star. Blimey. Unfortunately it returned a research result of zero.

The rowing club received some great news late afternoon about future funding. I think it’s all a little secret squirrel for the moment. But it does mean that we can continue to grow and press ahead with our five year plan. Yep – we actually have a five year plan.

I wasn’t running late for once to catch the train outta Weird Wiv and back down to LS. I listened to the BBC Nottingham Forest catch up from the weekend. As well as looking back on the Palace win, there was also reflections so far as we head into the World Cup break. I agreed largely with the glass half full summary.

Not a lot of my stuff is shifting on eBay right now. As the train crawled into LS I got a little slap happy and pushed out a dozen or so offers. I knocked a fiver off the Sidebottom cassette (now £70) and a very generous £50 off my WHOPPER cactus that has outgrown the house (now £200.) Not a bite.

Light rain greeted me at LS. Arse. I wasn’t expecting that. It subsided a little as I crossed London Bridge, and then was relatively dry back down in Sunny Stockwell.

I left my MacBook updating to Ventura overnight. Wish me luck for the morning…